Dante, Son of Sparda

Dante is the biological twin brother of Vergil, Son of Sparda. He is an infamous demon hunter and his been through much hell in his life.

He has much of a cocky attitude and doesn't get along well with his brother. The image used to the right is him in Capcom's reboot of the series DmC: Devil May Cry.

Dante is an active member of Raven Potter's WC (Wizard Club). Though he doesn't get along with his brother, him and Vergil agreed to stop fighting to kill the Dark Lord, Voldemort. He doesn't get along with the Darkvane twins, either, as he finds them extremely annoying, even though he himself talks way too much and riles both Raven and Vergil.

Devil May Cry

Dante appears in all Devil May Cry games, though, he is only playable more towards the end of Devil May Cry 4, and only for a short time. Most people fling insults at the new look of his in DmC: Devil May Cry, the reboot of the game. In all versions, he is the Son of Sparda but in the new game, Capcom states that he and his brother are Nephilim and their the offspring of the demon, Sparda, and the angel, Eva, so they're basically hybrids of angel and demon.


When Dante and Vergil were 7 years old, the (former) demon king Mundus killed their mother and imprisoned their father for eternity. Dante was sent to St. Lamia's orphanage and Vergil was sent to live out his childhood with a wealthy family. At the orphanage, he was abused.

Dante had a history of violence, but it was because he could see the government and police and all that for who they really were: demons. A year prior to DmC: Devil May Cry The Chronicles of Vergil, Dante learned how to summon his sword, rebellion.

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