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• 6/14/2015

Improvements To Nav Bar

As we move into new games for role play I was wondering what you would want to be added, removed, or updated to the navigation bar at the top of the wiki. Please post what you would like and I will try to work something out with Raven to update it on what the community likes.


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• 6/14/2015

I say we need pages for Arthas Menethil, Zarissena Menethil, Lisannjane Menethil, and Heartfilia Menethil. We need to get World of Warcraft characters in general on here and if we haven't already, start putting up pages for Wizard 101 that are character/game based more than Wizard Club based. I do believe as the Doctor has the DW fandom on here, we should begin adding more Doctor Who information as well.

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